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Oliver Wilson

Hilti 2190183 PDS 200 ft. Compact Laser Range Meter

Hilti 2190183 PDS 200 ft. Compact Laser Range Meter

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Hilti 2190183 PD-S 200 ft. Compact Laser Range Meter

The new Hilti PD S 200 ft. Compact Laser Range Meter is a universal laser distance meter used in mainly interior environments. With the addition of the area measurement function the benefit of the tool is increased. The PD S will accurately measure a distance up to 200 ft. The PD S is lightweight and can fit in your pocket. 1 person can accurately measure distances and areas simply by pointing the laser range meter, pressing the button and reading the result on the screen. The red laser beam can easily be seen as a red spot on the target. It can also be used to measure heights where alternative measuring methods fail.

  • Package includes 1 PD S 200 ft. compact laser range meter
  • Pulse power technology to ensure high accuracy to 200 ft.
  • 3 simple buttons for distance measuring and 1 area button
  • IP 54
  • Continuous measurements can be performed in addition to single measuring
  • Fits in most pockets
  • Water resistant and dust tight
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